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The 4th International Music and Dance Congress will be held on 19-20-21 October 2018 in Bodrum Turgutreis La Blanche Resort and SPA Hotel.

The congress will be organized in partnership with Azerbaijan Baku Music Academy and Azerbaijan Baku Choreography Academy.

We would like to thank Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Özsu Costume, Berk & Patners, Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation and Eurasian Academy of Sciences Social Science Journal for their contribution and support.


07 September 2018 Friday

16 September 2018 Sunday

: Deadline for submitting abstracts
28 September 2018 Friday : Deadline for registering for congress (to pay fee deposit)
05 October 2018 Friday : Congress program announcement
19 October 2018 Friday : Opening Ceremony of the Congress
21 October 2018 Sunday : Closing Ceremony of the Congress
11 November 2018 Sunday : Deadline for submitting full texts


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education - Teaching
Research and Compilation
Interdisciplinary Relationship
Cultural and Artistic Extent
Social Extent
Traditional Culture
Popular Culture


Independent private sessions may be held on the first day after the opening speeches, in order to be able to benefit from the accumulation of the personalities who have participated in the meeting, such as statesmen, rectors, academicians, writers and artists.

Oral presentation is 20 minutes including 15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of discussion. The presentation will be terminated by the chair of the session if they are longer than 20 minutes.

The poster presentation duration is 30 minutes and will not be synchronized with the oral presentation sessions.

Attention to time management in presentations is important in order not to interrupt the congress program and to maintain the information to be transferred.


Before you send your application please make sure that you have read the announcement. Otherwise, your application will not be evaluated.

Rules for abstract writing:

  1. Abstracts must be sent in both Turkish and English.
  2. They must be written with a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 300 words.
  3. They should include the purpose, method, findings and results of the study - (Subheading must not be used).
  4. At least 3 and at most 5 key words for the study must be given.
  5. Indentation must not be used in abstracts.
  6. In the case of any abbreviation is used in the abstract, it must be specified in brackets.
  7. Papers about music will be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and papers about dance will be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: A person may be listed as a writer at most two (2) papers. Abstracts of all the presentations that will have been presented and appear in the congress program will be published on the congress web page and in the “Congress Abstract Book”. It is important to complete the form in order for the referee evaluation process to function properly. For the topics included in the form, see the topic titles from our website.


  1. Papers must be written in both Turkish and English.
  2. The Font will be MS Word Times New Roman and font size:
    1. Title of the paper (Bold – font size- 10)
    2. Abstract (font size- 8)
    3. In the text (font size- 10)
    4. Footnote (font size- 8)
  3. The first letter and the last name of the author / authors must be capitalized under the heading, centered, institution name and e-mail address must be displayed at the bottom of the page with a footnote (*)
  4. The declaration must include a abstract of at least 100 and no more than 300 words on both sides and at least three and a maximum of five key words at the end of the abstract.
  5. The notifications must be prepared so as not to exceed 10 pages. The notes, tables, pictures, figures etc. in the paper must be centered in the text and must not exceed the page limit.
  6. The entire text must be single-spaced(both before and after 6 pt). No indentation must be used anywhere in the report.
  7. The report must be configured in page layout A4 size and the page margins must be set to be 2.5 cm in all directions (right-left-bottom-top).


  1. If the quotation to be included in the text has a one author, author’s surname, publication year, and page number must be written in parentheses. Ex: (Gülbeyaz, 1912: 47)
  2. If the quotation to be included in the text is more than one, use the first author's last name followed by “et al.” in parentheses. Ex; (Gülbeyaz et al. 1912: 47).
  3. For interviews, and other person-to-person communication, cite the communicator's name, the fact that it was personal communication, and the date of the communication. Ex; (Gülbeyaz, personal communication, 1912).
  4. References must include information such as author surname and name, title of work, publication year and place of publication.
  5. The bibliography must be prepared alphabetically according to the surnames of the authors and chronological order must be used in multiple sources of the same author.
  6. If it is in references, separate titles can be opened as written source, oral source, internet source.

Note: Papers that are prepared without complying with the writing rules will not be evaluated regardless of their content.


  1. Poster presentations must be written in both Turkish and English.
  2. The size of the poster must be 70 cm x 90 cm and the page layout must be portrait.
  3. The title of the poster must be 48 font size and Times New Roman font, bold, capitalized and justified.
  4. Names and surnames of the author(s)must be written below the title with a single space and centred. The first letter of the name and all the letters of the surname must be capitalized and written with a 36 font size.
  5. Authors' title, institution and e-mail information must be written in footnote format (18*) at the end of the poster (*) in single line format.
  6. Poster text, tables and drawings must be designed to be readable from 2 meters distance and using 1.5 line spacing.
  7. Citations and references must be prepared according to the congress text writing rules.

Note: The poster presentations will be announced on the day and hour to be indicated in the program where the halls are located. Each poster owner must be present with the poster(s) during the poster session and provide information about his / her work. Poster(s) without its author will not be exhibited and will not be included in the leaflet.


In the event that the declarations presented in the Congress pass through the arbitration process and are accepted, they will be published as an article on the Eurasian Academy of Social Sciences Journal (www.socialsciences.eurasianacademy.org) in the 4th International Music and Dance Congress Special Issue in December 2018.

If the full text of the paper presented at the Congress is not sent or requested by the author(s), they will not be included in the congressional special issue.

A paper which is not presented by the author or one of the authors of the papers in the Congress will never be published.


Participants who plan to attend the congress with “concert and/or performance” must send their requests about the stage recordings, performances and technical equipment, space by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until Friday, September 07, 2018.

Concert/performance applicants will be accepted or rejected as a result of the “arts board” evaluation. Acceptance letters will be sent to the concert and/or performance owners accepted. Accepted concert/performance recordings will be made in accordance with the instructions in the “participation” section.

Presentation of concerts and performances will not be done concurrently with oral and poster presentations.


The Congress, with a priority right of the owners of the presentations, concerts and performances is open to anyone who wishes to attend and watch. “Certificate of Presentation” will be given to the author(s) presenting their paper/ posters in the Congress. A writer may present maximum of two (2) papers and may submit no more than two (2) papers. The name of the presenting author must be one of the authors of the paper. In order to be included in the “Abstract Book” and “Full Text Magazine Special Issue”, the paper must pass through the evaluation, the registration of the congress has been completed and the paper has to be presented at the congress.

Those who wish to perform concerts/performances must full fill the desired conditions in the “concert/performance” section. Concerts/performances with the approval of the “Art Board” can be performed. “Certificate of Performance” will be given to those who performed concert/performance. A person can be included in a maximum of two (2) concerts/performance events.

Concert/performance participation is the same as “congress participation and accommodation fee”. All concert/performance images will be published on our congress page.

Those who attend with oral/poster presentations present concerts/performances at the same time will not pay an extra fee.

The participation fee includes bags, gifts, badges, documents, summary booklets, full-text international magazines, travels, etc.


When the announcement/concert fee is paid to the account, the name of the author/performer and his/her family name must be specified.

Fees must be paid to the bank account stated below until 28th September 2018. Otherwise, the “acceptance letter” will not be sent to the participant, even if the presentation or performance is qualified as “presented/staged”, and the presentation/concert will not take place in the congress program. Late payments will not be refunded.

No fees will be refunded to those;

  • Who pay their fee to the wrong bank account,
  • Who do not pay the exact fee
  • Whose presentation or performance is not included in the congress program because of a late payment of the fee,
  • Who pay the fee until the deadline but his/her presentation/performance is rejected,
  • Who pay the fee despite the refusal of his/ her presentation/performance,
  • Who does not show up although he/ she pay the fee until the deadline,
  • Who does not present their paper, poster, or performance even though he/she pay the fee,

and their presentations will not be included in the congressional issue.

The attendance of participants of presentations in any congress does not necessarily remove the obligation to pay the participation fee.



Presentation/Concert/Performance and Accommodation Fee (Total)
(19 and 20 October 2018)
Single Room 700 TL
Double Room (Per Person) 600 TL
2nd Presentation/Concert/Performance 150 TL
Participation with a guest (total fee of one participant and one guest in a double room) 1000 TL

Note: Prices include entrance fee and accommodation (all inclusive). A single child 0-12 years free of charge on condition of staying with the family.

Presentation/Concert/Performance Fee 300 TL
2nd Presentation/Concert/Performance Fee 150 TL
Hotel Usage Fee (per person per day) 100 TL
Extra Accommodation Fees (before and/or after 19-20 October)
Single Room 250 TL
Double Room (Per Person) 200TL

Note: Prices are all inclusive.


Vakıfbank Muğla Branch
Bank Account No:001580077298390712
IBAN NO: TR11 0001 5001 5800 7298 3907 12